Top best live band/DJ/entertainment for your wedding


When it comes to live music bands for your wedding, you’ve got to know what genres of music they perform and if they’re willing to do guest requests on the spot (because that happens a lot!). It’s also important for wedding planner to understand their background in music. Here are a few bands that rock a destination wedding!

This is also a fact that in India we care a lot about our relatives and society. Even the people are also very particular with what they want and how it is provided to them and how good it is. So, why make anyone complain about anything when you have the best Live Music Band for Weddings that can perform anywhere in India.

Things that a Wedding Planner should consider before booking a Live Music Band for a Wedding:

  • Cost of the band: Yes, it is true that a wedding is a one-time affair but even for that you need to have a proper wedding budget and it should have a fixed amount that you can spend on the bands and the music. You cannot just compromise on the rest of the things that you are going to need for the wedding. So, you need to make sure that the music band comes under your wedding budget and fulfils all the things that you need from them.
  • Time of Performance: Even the band member is human and we cannot expect them to perform for a long duration of time. The music systems also need a person who can operate them because you need to have music according to the situation. So, knowing the time they can perform is also something that you have to keep in mind because Indian weddings are always long as the rituals are many.
  • Reviews of the band: Booking a music band for a wedding is easy because you can directly contact them and then discuss the price and everything. But what about the review of the band that their customers do, if the band is hiding those reviews, then you have to keep a little distance from them because all good bands have a website or page through which you can check the reviews and other details as well. And in these case you definitely require a wedding planner

There are many other points that you should consider but these points are enough for everyone to understand what are the ways in which they can check about the band that they are booking. We know checking all this is hectic work and to release all your tension and stress from this thing, Wedding planners are here with the best Live Music Band for a Wedding. Just contact a wedding planner and get the best in the business and that too at a very affordable price that will not affect your budget.


An Indian Destination Wedding without a sound DJ is incomplete. Who doesn’t want an auspicious occasion of the wedding? To add up to the fun, and enthusiasm, what can be better than music and dance? The right DJ with his full set of nifty tracts can make your occasion memorable. From obstreperous Desi Sangeet to vociferous reception, a DJ gets it all covered. If you already are looking for the best of both worlds for your wedding in each facet, then how can you lay back while choosing a DJ?

  • 1. DJ Gaurav Malvai
  • 2. DJ Aqeel
  • 3. Lost Stories
  • 4. DJ Chetas
  • 5. DJ Sidharth
  • 6. DJ Arjun Shah
  • 7. DJ Aarish
  • 8. DJ Alex


There are many available options to keep your guests entertained and really make your big day even more spectacular, so here are five of the hundreds of possible entertainment suggestions to consider hiring for your Indian wedding!

DJs and Dhol

It is a well-known fact today that a wedding and its reception calls for some late-night leg shaking. So, a DJ or a disc jockey or beats of dhol is of utmost importance. This person keeps the crowd moving by belting out the best numbers from a playlist consisting of classic as well as modern songs. It is surely going to turn out as one of the best wedding entertainment ideas

Dance Troupes and Performing Groups

Sometimes, at a wedding, the crowd and guests may need that extra push to shake a leg. It would be worthwhile to bring in an international dance troupe or performing group so that you can lure the audience to have a great time.

Bollywood Celebrity Appearance

Bollywood holds a lot of attraction for Indians, particularly people from the younger generation. Many high-end Destination wedding companies can manage to bring Bollywood artists, right from superstars to character artists at a hefty fee. Their charges for appearance and performance are different. You need to share your requirements with your Wedding planner well in advance so that the artist of your choice has the bandwidth to grace your wedding with his presence.

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