How to Plan a Winter Wedding

Winter wedding season is almost here and it is undeniably one of the best times to get married. Your hair does not get frizzy, makeup doesn’t run with sweat, and everything is just so cozy. But even though winter is the perfect season to tie the knot, there are a few inevitables you must keep in mind while planning a winter wedding. You got to make some wise decisions revolving around the wedding venue, decor, lighting, guests and so many other aspects to ensure that your winter wedding is etched in everyone’s hearts for all the right reasons.


Winter is the perfect season to experiment with your wedding venue. If you are in a real dilemma, and confused between indoor or outdoor wedding venue you can always seek advice from your wedding planner. You can choose a combination of these two. When the winter sunlight is out, your guests can stay outdoors, and after the sunset, your guests can stay indoors and light up a bonfire. Try to choose a wedding venue beforehand, so that you don’t have to worry about the last-minute rush.


If you have an outdoor wedding venue, you need to keep the wedding venue warm. Your event planner will certainly make insightful measures to make your wedding cozier. If your outdoor wedding venue is on a terrace or if you are looking for a sea-side view, you can use patio heaters to keep the wedding venue warm. Try to have evening-parties indoors and all morning and noon-parties outdoors. Wherever your outdoor wedding venue is, try to use heaters near the seating area for the convenience of your guests. 


Winter weddings demand extra attention when it comes to choosing the food menu. In winter weddings, people need lots of appetizers and need tasty and yummy food. In addition to appetizers, it is also important to choose the best quality of warm drinks like hot chocolate and coffee. A hot kulhad and smoking cup of soup should be omnipresent in all wedding venues.


Decor plays an important role in most of the wedding types. But it is essential for a winter wedding. Your

will help you choose different decor items and colours based on different winter hues like peach, powder blue, and lavender. In addition to this, try to include sparkles of colours in different decor elements like candles, lights, and crystals. Using colour elements in the lighting will bring warmth to the wedding venue. These Wedding decors should also have a touch of your wedding theme. 

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