Making Wedding Invites Quirky

We all love to follow our traditions but sometimes we want our personal touch onto it. A traditional wedding invitation is appreciable, but trendsetting personalized stationeries are applaudable.

To inform the guests of how much fun they’re about to have at this one-of-a-kind celebration by giving them a hint through customized illustrations, creative color palettes, paper alternatives or funny wordings, wedding details on the card have to reflect the Bride & Groom’s personalities as best as possible, because it’s their D’day after all. 

The wedding invitation can be witty if it directly speaks of the bridal couple in a quirky manner. This is not only creative but will also have the guests in splits. 

To have a good laugh it is important to live. Hence, there’s no reason not to include a funny one-liner or clever pun on the wedding invite

Here are some fresh examples handpicked for people of witty mind,

  • There’s an open bar — what else do you need to know? Oh a wedding maybe
  • Say cheers and drink beers with us on our wedding day
  • Love free drinks? Us too! Join us to cheer on happily ever after
  • Never again will our parents ask us why we’re still single. Want to join us in the celebration?

The conclusion is, when you’re surrounded by your family, friends, and loved ones on your wedding day, keeping the humor rolling is the most important thing.