Serene Decor Ideas

Decoration at a wedding plays an important role in a big event because it determines the kind of ambience you want for your wedding. When you hear the word wedding decoration, it doesn’t mean just an ordinary or casual decoration. Nowadays, wedding decoration is about a wedding theme you want your whole venue decorated with.

These days, couples prefer different decoration themes for different wedding ceremonies. They go for different decor for Haldi, different for Mehendi, Sangeet and so on. It just depends on couples as to how they want their wedding, and what kind of experience they want for their guests. The trend in wedding decor fluctuates as couples approach their wedding venue differently. 

Earlier, it was the bright colours that grabbed the majority of the space. But now, pastel colours have taken over. 

Minimal decor that promises serenity is what steals the show these days. Nevertheless, the doors to experiment are always open.

A great mix of pastel and bright coloured flowers can transform the entire space. 

If you don’t want flowers, then you can decorate with coloured lanterns, ribbons, balloons, attractive props, and so on.

And of course, keep in mind that serenity is the key.