The New Normal

Being in the ‘New Normal’ intimate weddings are the only way forward as of now. Having an intimate wedding means you can have fun with the décor and make it more about you and your persona!

Here are some Do’s & Don’ts must be followed,

Reduce your guest lists to bare minimum and include only close family and best friends (30-50 guests max). The best part is that our generation was already rooting for intimate weddings.

You must reduce the number of events and ask guests to join only for the main events at your wedding. For everything else, ask them to join video streaming!

It’s not a great time to travel. Explore wedding venues which are within driving distance. Avoid the risk of cumbersome travel completely. 

Avoid importing or sourcing niche products for your wedding & stick to local raw materials and products to stay safe this wedding season.

Choose venues with larger open spaces to accommodate the norms of Social Distancing. Wedinsync suggests going with simple solutions like open-air outdoor weddings that allow your guests to maintain the desired physical distance. It also reduces the risk of breathing recirculated ac air. 

Better planned seating arrangements, bigger tables to maintain space between guests, limited seating and extended spaces to stand and dance can be helpful aids.

Thermal screening of all vendors and guests at the entry points is mandatory. If anyone’s running a temperature, they must not be allowed entry at any cost.

Wedinsync suggests opting for smarter ideas like digital or e-invites, adding live cooking stations in your menu to keep hygiene and safety levels intact. Disposable, biodegradable cutlery and pre plated meals are other good options to reduce repeat contact.

It’s a must to set up multiple ‘Sanitization Desks’ at the venue offering face masks, sanitizers, disposable gloves and garbage bags to ensure safety and hygiene during the celebrations. 

Wherever travel is required, make sure your travel partners and guests abide by the government permitted rules. Allow only the permissible number of guests in a vehicle, sanitize the commute and maintain proper hygiene throughout.

With lesser guests, you can have a more meaningful and intimate wedding. This means your guests can enjoy a much more personal experience with customized gifts and favors that are memorable and tailor-made for them.