Shades of Indian Wedding Outfits

In a country as diverse and culturally vibrant as India, it is perhaps the common, simple expressions of color that hold together the multitudes of outlooks, lifestyles, and traditions.

The colors of India have mesmerized rulers, outsiders, and visitors – perhaps more so because of the stories and legends that bind its people, its culture, and its beliefs.

The Indian Bride can look traditional and just as beautiful in a variety of colors. Find out which one suits you best

Let any color get a breakthrough but red remains one of the top-most choices for Indian bridal dresses. Red symbolizes love, courage, power, strength, and more. 

Gold may be the color of riches, opulence and grandeur, but it also lends meaning to glitz, glamour and illumination.

Pink is such a happy color, whereas gold symbolises sophistication and shine. Together they are one of the most beautiful color combinations. Go soft and subtle with this classic pair, creating an opportunity for you to flaunt your personal style confidently. 

Blue color looks beautiful on Indian skin tone. Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty and stability – requisites for a successful marriage ahead.

The neutral color of ivory is soft, calming and pure. And it comes with an added richness – courtesy its slightly warmer tone. It’s this interplay of softness and richness that gives ivory its own unique appeal.

Peach – the subtler, softer cousin of pink – is modest, delicate and yet so charming. 

Amongst the latest entries to the wedding dress colors, dark green has caught our eyes pretty quickly. Especially, bridal sarees in dark greens have been stealing the whole show off late.

The darker color – maroon matches the need of a fashionista who loves to an extremely charming appearance. Certainly great for a winter wedding, especially indoor evnets where the bride needs an alluring color to set an elegant mood for everyone. 

Mint green in particular, gives the bride a compassionate and feminine appearance. It’s so stylish and contemporary that it evokes a sense of styles and uniqueness for your occasion. It blends well with a green garden background and also suits the atmosphere of a modern beach. 

The “rani” pink of mystical Rajasthan, the pastel tones of southern India, the joyous, bright hues of the northern frontier, and the warm, bright colors of the east offer a kaleidoscope for insight into an almost perfect blend of history and modernism.

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