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How Indian Couples are creating their own Wedding Traditions..

Indian traditional Weddings are complex schedules of many rituals that take place days, and even weeks before the wedding! Weddings do not have to be in the typical traditional zone just to be called an Indian wedding. Couples do not want to abide by any rulebook while planning their wedding. They choose their own way […]

Innovative Wedding Hashtags

While it’s true that creating a perfect wedding hashtag is no cake walk, to make these ideas more catchy and attractive, one can concentrate on the key points. Hashtags are meant to be understood and that’s why a meaningful hashtag that can be simple and silly works wonders sometimes.  You’ll certainly find a great option […]

Making Wedding Invites Quirky

We all love to follow our traditions but sometimes we want our personal touch onto it. A traditional wedding invitation is appreciable, but trendsetting personalized stationeries are applaudable. To inform the guests of how much fun they’re about to have at this one-of-a-kind celebration by giving them a hint through customized illustrations, creative color palettes, […]

Serene Decor Ideas

Decoration at a wedding plays an important role in a big event because it determines the kind of ambience you want for your wedding. When you hear the word wedding decoration, it doesn’t mean just an ordinary or casual decoration. Nowadays, wedding decoration is about a wedding theme you want your whole venue decorated with. […]