Things to Put in Your Wedding Welcome Bags

Weddings these days require a lot of planning. But one of the things that often gets overlooked are personalized welcome bags for your wedding guests. Whether you have a destination wedding or an in-town affair, most couples have a group of family and friends who travel long distances to celebrate their special day. And for these guests, it’s a really lovely gesture to make them a special welcome bag.

These bags can either be left at the hotel’s front desk (so guests can grab them when they check in) or distributed at an event, such as a rehearsal dinner. (It’s also a good idea to ask another family member or friend to be in charge of distributing the bags once you have them assembled, as that’s one less thing the bride or groom needs to worry about.)

They can be as inexpensive or extravagant as you want! They don’t have to cost a fortune either. 

Of course, this will all depend on what you want to include, if you want to personalize any items, if you’re planning on DIY-ing anything, your budget, and how many guests you have.

Welcome Letter for Destination Wedding Guests

A welcome note is a simple (but impactful) way to welcome your guests and let them know how much it means for them to travel and join you! 

A welcome letter adds a small personal touch to show your appreciation. You can DIY them yourself, or get some gorgeous custom ones made up.

You can also double this welcome note as an itinerary to keep guests informed of your wedding events and timelines. This is especially important, since we all tend to forget while on vacation!

Custom Tote

The first thing you’ll need is a chic tote to hold everything together. If you feel like splurging, you can go with a customized tote that includes the couple’s names. However, you could also easily go for a simple, solid-colored gift bag to save a bit of money. Small, wooden crates would work well, too.


Consider filling the bags with a mix of bottled water, juice or iced tea and even something more fun like a small can or bottle of champagne. If you want to get a bit fancier, you can even print your own custom labels for your drinks.


In addition to the drinks, you’ll want to make sure your bag includes some snacks for your guests. Keep things simple here and go to your local Sam’s Club or Costco and load up on some of your favorite treats. Try to include both salty and sweet options. If you want to go one step further, include some packs of gum or mints, too.

Useful Items

Don’t forget about those items that your guests may have forgotten but will likely come in handy during your wedding weekend. Things like: a lint roller, wrinkle release spray, stain wipes, a sewing kit, aspirin, lip balm, sunscreen, etc. Most of these items are available in the travel section of your local pharmacy or discount store. You certainly don’t need to include everything we’ve listed out, but a few additional essentials are always much appreciated by out-of-town guests.

Info on Local Events

Pull together some pamphlets or information on local activities your guests might be able to enjoy while they’re in town. Or you can, again, use an online service to create a map with suggestions of your favorite local spots and activities. This way, you can be sure your guests are having a blast the whole time they’re in town.

Hangover Kits and Emergency Kits

An emergency kit (also known as a hangover kit or survival kit) is an absolute must for any destination wedding welcome bag. They’re so easy to put together and also are very inexpensive to make.

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