Best Wedding trends of 2021

Unfortunately, it’s been a long time since things have gone the way we wanted them to go. Even the smallest of the things that you felt you had control over, Covid has taken over those too. With everything going it’s way, you might be wondering when is it going to come to an end or at least, when can you adjust with it? Fortunately, we have an anti- hero in the name of ” The New Normal “. With the world adapting to the new normal in every other field, it has dug its way into the wedding industry as well. 

Couples along with event planners, designers, and vendors have faced countless challenges. From postponing their wedding to how and when to shop for a wedding dress to coordinating things have become harder tasks due to frequent lockdowns. Also, the rules and regulations on domestic celebrations are different from state to state which has made it even more difficult. These sudden changes and health concerns have made planning anything but easy and have had an effect on how we approach the joyful celebration of weddings. 

Now after more than a year, wedding trends have changed as compared to what they used to be and the “new normal” has taken over. Let’s take a look at what the wedding trends of 2021 look like. 

1 . Quality over Quantity 

“Quality over Quantity” means giving attention to the details. Since the new rules and regulations only allow a certain number of guests to the wedding, it has allowed couples to dedicate maximum budget towards creating a memorable environment for those limited number of guests. Beautiful themes, ideas, stunning decor, customized gifts for your guests, the sky’s the limit in 2022 when it comes to what you can do with food, decor, and wedding design as long as you get creative and stay inspired! 

2. Eco friendly choices

Undoubtedly, the wedding day is a huge occasion where no one wants to compromise the celebration in any department. But you can’t deny the fact that with great celebration comes great wastage as well. Wastage of food, non usable decoratives, use of countless polythene bags etc. However, 2021saw an increase in green or eco-conscious weddings! 

From biodegradable invites, reusable decor, sustainable cutlery, the wedding trends for 2021 were leaning towards environment-friendliness.

3. From destination to staycation

Destination weddings have lost their appeal in recent times because of travel restrictions and fear of infection. People are now apprehensive of travelling to destination wedding hot spots. But this is not the worst thing to happen. People are now looking at the brighter side of things as couples have more budget to spend on various parts of the wedding, such as decor, theme and food. Also, the idea of having your best day with your closest ones and making it an intimate affair doesn’t sound too bad either. 

4. Big on entertainment

The year 2020 has mostly been spent at home bingeing on Netflix, Prime and scrolling on Instagram which has left everyone desperate for some live entertainment. Amidst the travel restrictions, rules and regulations for weddings, infection fears and social distancing, 2021 weddings delighted their guests with live entertainment that features their favorite band, stand-up comedians and DJs while keeping all safety protocols in mind.

5. Top hotel chains with strong safety protocols will emerge as wedding favorites

Safety has been the foremost priority on everyone’s mind for the majority of 2020 and it looks like the same was true for 2021 as well. As a result, hotel chains that practiced the strongest safety protocols enjoyed a top spot on the lists of all couples who were planning to enjoy their wedding.

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