Tips for Lockdown Weddings

Even under ordinary circumstances, planning a wedding is one of the most difficult tasks and the Covid-19 crisis has only made it even more difficult. From the banquet hall to destinations, you had everything planned out down to the last detail. Sadly, the pandemic put a pause on all the planning. But where there’s a will, there is a way. 

How about making the most of all you have right now and tying the knot with a lockdown wedding? Of course, you won’t have all your extended friends and family with you, but the close ones will be there, and that is what matters in the end. While it may not feel like a dream wedding at first, you can surely make the most of the situation by organising an intimate wedding function with some stellar ideas. 

Here we bring out some tips for you to have a beautiful and a safe lockdown wedding: 

1 . Manage the guest list: Due to the lockdown, the government has only allowed a certain number of attendees. Venues also require a list of people in attendance in advance, along with their identity proof. This may seem like an additional wrinkle in the planning process, but there are advantages as well. Often, weddings turn into grand affairs in the process of pleasing everyone, and the budget goes out of hand. Having a restricted list will not only ensure that your guests are people you actually want, but also give you the sense of affinity, which often lacks in a conventional wedding. 

2. Safety and Sanitation: While the lockdown might feel like a hurdle, we must not forget the reasons behind it. Educate all your vendors and guests about social distancing and sanitization. You must provide masks for all the attendees, or go for pre-packed meals to ensure hygiene. Many vendors have come up with a ‘lockdown package’ – take advantage of these to maintain safety. You could also hire a safety coordinator to ensure that the necessary guidelines are followed. There must be proper settings of Sanitation points all around the venue to ensure regular sanitation. It is perhaps one of the most important aspect of the lockdown wedding and it must be strictly followed. 

3. Plan every detail: Think about the number of functions you want to have and space them out accordingly. Also keep in mind the food, the outfits, the decor and the changes required. You can also fix different venues for each function. For instance, a Sangeet or Mehendi in your garden, the main wedding at home, and a reception on the terrace. Create zones like the entryway, food and drinks section and wedding area. Keep in mind the social distancing, food preparation norms and adhere to all the guidelines. Convey all of this to your guests as well so they are stress-free on your happiest day. 

4. Avoiding last-minute changes: Coordinating a wedding during the lockdown is a slow process. Every person in the supply chain is working with a limited number of staff, restricted hours and government guidelines. Plan everything, from the venue to the outfits to guest list and vendors. Take a few months and list things in detail to enjoy your wedding day hassle-free. 

5. Virtual participation: Since all your loved ones cannot be physically present for the wedding, you can livestream the ceremony to them using technology. There are various sources using which your guests can get a 360- degree view of the ceremony. Make your virtual guests wear the dress code, by this those who could not attend the wedding can feel like they too are a part of the ceremony, though virtually. Make sure you send a formal invite, play games (virtually), keep a virtual party, have Sangeet and other performances and ask everyone to dress up. It is your day, after all!

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