Sustainable Wedding Ideas

Involving the use of natural products and energy at your wedding in a way that does not harm the environment is crucial. A sustainable lifestyle is the call of the hour and as millennial couples tie the knot, they are starting to bring this awareness to their wedding plans as well. Here are some tips to turn your wedding into a sustainable one.


The easiest way to achieve this is by choosing an outdoor garden venue, with a naturally beautiful landscape. A farmhouse, a hotel lawn or even a vineyard are all viable options. Having a day wedding will also cut down on energy consumption as the sun will provide all the light you need and also ensure wonderful wedding pictures. Here is one such venue in Mumbai @navalfarm

Wedding Invitations:

The obvious choice for an eco-friendly wedding would be to send out e-invites. Another fabulous option is a plantable paper invitation card, which means that there are seeds incorporated into the paper pulp. Once the invite is read it can be soaked in water and the resulting pulp can be planted into a pot or garden. The growing and blooming plant will be a happy reminder of the wedding, long after it is over.


Using appropriate décor elements is required to reduce the carbon footprint. Seasonal flowers from the local markets will be more budget friendly than imported expensive flowers. Brightly colored fabrics can be used as drapes for a dreamy effect. Elements like brass lanterns, earthen pots, temple bells and such would make the décor look wonderful, while being ultimately reusable.


An elaborate menu is the showstopper of a successful Indian wedding and with a few subtle touches it can ensure that it is in line with the sustainable theme. Locally obtained and sustainably sourced ingredients, organic products could be the foundation for planning the wedding menu. The wedding cutlery should certainly avoid any and all plastic and Styrofoam. Plant based biodegradable crockery is a great option and so is reusable cutlery.

Bridal Outfit:

Wedding outfit is the most essential thing at a wedding. Reusing or redesigning old brocades and silks of the Bride’s mother or Grandmother will ensure a hint of nostalgia and pay homage to family legacy through the bridal outfit, making it much more special & sustainable as well. While opting to buy a completely new bridal outfit, incorporating hand woven fabrics and traditional hand embroideries will help to promote the indigenous textile artisans of India, who need this kind of patronage for their livelihood.

Gifts & Giveaways:

For a sustainable wedding, gift baskets of organic fruits/dry fruits or khadi silk pouches with exotic spices and herbal products will serve best as giveaways. A beautifully designed eco-friendly kitchen garden gift set or khadi silk sarees are also great options for Sustainable Wedding giveaways.

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