How Indian Couples are creating their own Wedding Traditions..

Indian traditional Weddings are complex schedules of many rituals that take place days, and even weeks before the wedding! Weddings do not have to be in the typical traditional zone just to be called an Indian wedding. Couples do not want to abide by any rulebook while planning their wedding. They choose their own way of rethinking the rituals and format to match their mindset. Apart from changing age old traditions and creating their own versions of it, couples are even opting for fewer guests instead of inviting thousands of guests. Wedding Guest Lists these days are restricted to close Family and Friends only.

The new India is known for breaking stereotypes. Nowadays couples are going for more intimate weddings. Limited guests are being invited whom they know personally. Sometimes, no priest, no pheras. Few couples choose an agnostic ceremony to exchange vows and pledge their lifelong commitment to each other so it is all about their love, not conventions. Wedding rituals are modified to reflect the couple’s equal partnership.

Couples are merging a few rituals like Tilak, Haldi, Sangeet together to make it more convenient and fun. These days, wedding functions like Sangeet and Mehendi are more about fun than rituals. Couples add their own twist to the ceremony. Haldi, for instance, is an all-white holi party or a theme party while the Sangeet is more like a western cocktail soiree with live bands and beautiful outdoor decor.

Rituals like Kanyadaan, Kanakanjali are being avoided. Just because Kanya or the Girl is not an object to give someone or throwing a handful of crops will not recover the debts to the parents. The brides eschew traditions like Kanyadaan, asking their parents to give them away to each other. So, the same ritual is performed from both the bride and the groom’s side.

Modern Indian couples share the existing rituals by creating their own rituals. Nowadays the bride and Groom both share the wedding sindoor. In a few weddings the Groom also touched the feet of the Bride after she touched his feet. 

In the Vedas, the wedding is about promises that the couple makes to one another. Hence, Couples are choosing a priest who will explain the seven vows to both the bride and the groom in English, so that they both understand what they are committing to.

From opting for a biodegradable wedding decor to changing wedding rituals to choosing a Female priest, couples are definitely creating a customized version of their own weddings. 

With the changing mindset of society now we can expect a better human race who can understand the true meaning behind the wedding rituals for equal partnership.

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