Handcrafted wedding decor trends

Every wedding has its own way of creating memories. Using common decor elements can make the dream wedding day boring and dull!  

On the other hand, ideal decor for a wedding creates a welcoming and relaxed ambience for sure. 

Nowadays, when weddings are getting more intimate, handcrafted decor is in trend. The idea of using stylish and beautiful decor elements is the ultimate way to transform your wedding into an enchanted affair. 

Handcrafted decors are the new trend because it combines both traditional and contemporary designs that syncs together and gives a personal touch to the wedding. 

From decorating the entrance with handcrafted dream-catchers and elegantly crafted props like pastel palette colour boxes to decorating the stage with handcrafted flowers, embroidery frames with pictures, drapes or hanging eco-friendly lanterns on the walkway, there is no limit to creating ideas to craft a magical wedding. String lights hung from the ceilings of the reception space or, for an outdoor wedding, weave lights through trees and branches will add a whimsical vibe for sure. 

Choosing vibrant colours & handcrafted decor elements gives any wedding a complete versatile look. The trick is to match your colors with your theme and you’re all set to craft your dream decor.

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