5 Secret tips to Look Fabulous on your pre-wedding shoot

Besides having an excellent makeup artist to ensure that all your foundation and kajal are in place, here are 5 secret tips to shine on your pre-wedding shoot.


Maybe every lipstick colour looks the same to the guys but we girls know that’s absolutely not true! Even nude colours have 50 different shades. So now’s the time to pick out your exclusive possession! Choose bolder shades to give your face an additional lift and brighten up your look especially when the surroundings are dull or lighter coloured!

Floral Crown

A floral crown looks stunning on every girl and it will add a romantic element to all your pre-wedding photos. Even a simple DIY crown is enough to create a lovely halo that will suits your angelic makeup!


Most people only wear a veil once on their wedding day but your pre-wedding photoshoot session can be a cheat day! There are so many ways to use your veil as a prop and create a breathtaking impact.


We always belittle earrings because of how small they are and how they seem almost negligible. However, every girl who has put on an earring will know that even the tiniest ear studs make a difference to your entire look. Choose traditional or contemporary earrings to look dazzling even from afar!


This tiny thing is left out by way too many brides but the meticulous ones never ever forget! It is common for photographers to ask for back hug poses or those that show off your engagement ring. Make sure to go for a manicure & nail decoration before your photoshoot so that every single little detail is absolutely perfect!