5 Things Neha Kakkar did right at her wedding, that brides should learn from 

They say picking the right outfit is one of the difficult tasks for your wedding.

Neha Kakkar impressed us with her brilliant wedding look.

Herewith 5 reasons all brides should learn from Neha Kakkar’s wedding wardrobe.

Colour away

Picking the right outfit is one of the most difficult tasks. Neha Kakkar distinguished her wedding attire in terms of colour and occasion.


Simplicity is the ultimate elegance.

Learn from Neha’s Haldi wardrobe that how a simple yellow chiffon saree can make a style statement.

When you have colours all around you, a simple matching outfit with your future partner would elevate the look even more.


While keeping her makeup, hair-styling and jewelry simple Neha went all out in bright lehenga to maintain the perfect balance. She knows what elements to add and what elements to skip at a particular occasion.

Stick to your classics

Neha Kakkar went for classic Hair-styling, minimum makeup and only added the elements which really looked good on her instead of going all out.

Solid hues

Solid hues were the highlight of Neha’s Wardrobe. She let each colour have its moment without going all out with colour blocking. For the sikh ceremony, she wore all pink, while her evening wedding saw all red.

She did not let her colours get mixed up, which gave her wardrobe more stunning look.